Peoria North Rotary Club held its first Prom Closet in over two years, and ended up serving nearly 500 students in just two days during April.
The club held its first event on April 2 and a second giveaway on April 16. Both events were held at Landmark Elementary School in downtown Glendale.
Dozens of volunteers from not only Peoria North, but Rotary Clubs throughout the Valley, assisted in serving students. Once again, Donnis Deever served as the club's chair for the event.
Students from over 60 different high schools throughout Arizona visited The Prom Closet over the two-day event.
The club has been hosting the event for over 10 years, not counting the past two years when no event was held. The Prom Closet provides free formal attire to any boy or girl to attend their high school prom. There are no financial requirements and students are not required to bring back items.
All items are donated by the community. A large supply of men's formal wear was made possible by donations from Mr. Formal.
  Prom Closet Chair Donnis Deever.